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Block Profile Of  Badlapur
Name of the District  Jaunpur
Name of the Block  Badlapur
Name of Block Incharge  Vinod Kumar Dubey
General Information  
Name of Lokshaba   Jaunpur
Name of Vidhan Shaba  Badlapur
Name of M.P.     Sh. Dhananjay Singh
Name of MLA    Sh. Shailendra Kumar Yadav
Agricultural Information   
Total Geographical area  (ha.) 21210
Net Sown area (ha.) 13545
Gross Sown area  (ha.) 25062
a. Rabi 13289
b. Kharif 11446
c. Zaid 327
Irrigated area  (ha.) 10570
Un Irrigated area  (ha.) 2975
Forest (ha.) NA
Orchard (ha.) 689
Fallow land (ha.) 2751
Cropping Intensity % 185.02
Total no. of  Nyay Panchayat 12
Total no. of Gram Panchayat  82
Total no. of villages  192
Total no. of farmers     24554
No. of marginal farmers (land upto 1ha)    22577
No. of small farmers (land upto 1-2 ha)   1355
No. of farmers  (land 2-5ha)   534
No. of farmers  (land more than 5ha.)   88
No of agricultural labourers NA
No. of artigens  1705
Length of mattled roads in block (km) 214
Length of un mattled roads in block (km)  178
Population information (no.)  
Male 99959
Female 100948
Population Density(Per Sq.Km.) 947.22
Sex Ratio 1000:1009
Scheduled caste 43983
Backward class 106672
Minority class 3504
Literacy Rate (%)  
Male 76.99%
Female 43.35%
School / College (no.) 172
Primary School 110
Middle School 36
High School 23
Intermediate College NA
Degree College 1
Technical institute ( if any) NA
Name of University ( if any) NA
Banks / Post office information (no.)  
Nationalized bank 4
Rural bank 5
Co-operative bank 2
Post office 18
Industrial information (no.)  
Industry/ Agri. Based / cottage industry NA
Fertilizer Store (Govt. & Private) NA
Seed Store (Govt. & Private) NA
Agri chemicals Store (Govt. & Private) NA
Rural godowns (grain / fertilizer) NA
Cold  storage 01
Milk collection center 11
Social Information (no.)  
Hospital 3
Aganwadi centers 170
Self help group 270
Veterinary hospital 2
Artificial Insemination center 1
Agriculture Service center 1
Others (If any) NA
Irrigation Facilities (no.)  
Govt. Tube well    NA
Personal Tube well    5766
Canal  73 Km.
Tank    45
Ponds    NA
Agricultural Implements (no.)  
Tractor 498
Plough      1317
Improved Harrow     487
Tiller      NA
Leveler 25
Ridger NA
Thresher 1361
Rotavator 4
Sprayer 57
Any other NA
Other  Informations  
Total No. of Villages in Block 192